About Us

Small Business, Big Heart

Boujee Babies is a Southern Children's Boutique that allows small town moms to dress their babies boujee - and savor the small. After battling endometriosis and a miscarriage, we were blessed with not one but TWO Boujee Babies - Harper and Hunter. Our experience has taught us to cherish the small moments and work hard for what we have. Children are such a blessing. Psalm 127. 

We believe in heritage. Our heritage makes us who we are. With roots in Charleston, SC and generations of history right here in Kannapolis, we're Southern born and Southern bred.

Dressing your babies boujee is about more than adorable, high quality clothes. It's an act of cherishing the small, fleeting moments. Add a pinch of Southern and dash of sass and you have the essence of the Boujee Babies brand.

Our family encourages you to savor the small — Small towns, small moments, and small humans.

Many blessings,
Stacy, Owner

The Boujee Babies logo was created with Psalms 127: 3-5 in mind. The arrow in the word Boujee represents this well.

Children are a blessing, and may we steward that blessing by guiding the arrows He has given us towards the Truth, to be the hands and feet of Jesus sharing the gospel wherever they go.  

The Rogers Family