LoveProducts Ltd - Pampas grass Large CHIC deluxe fluffy Dried tall floral reed

Our Natural Dried Cream Beige pampas grasses are called Cortaderia Equita. Their beauty lies in their remarkable contrast changes in lighting, their contrast tones range from very light cream to a dark beige depending on lighting, they add a unrivalled splendor to your home decor. Dear Customer The beige Deluxe Dried natural pampas grass are all hand picked and individually selected for your home. It is important to make the right choice, the beauty of the pampas grass is in the flower size not in the overall height . The larger the flower, the older , rarer and more valuable the Pampas . Our pampas have a feathery feel due to their rare species. Our hand picked beautiful pampas grass will change your home decor and make a magnificent addition to your : - Home decor - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Baby showers - Weddings - Hen parties - Baptism - Bridal showers - Engaments - Communion - House warmings - Boho interior - Boho decor